Super Bowl 2023 food ideas: Amazing recipes to make your Super Bowl party rock (2024)

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Many football fans will be focused on the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs thisSuper Bowl Sunday. We, however, will belocked in on the snacks.

We really believe the Super Bowl counts as a food holiday. Any game day is goodexcuse to break out all the best apps, sides and treats. But the Super Bowl is truly the holy grail of food and sports viewing overlap: The perfect time to go all out on a cheer-worthyspread.

Favorites include dishes like chicken wings, salsa, chili and so much more. Here are some traditional options plus other recipes on our list to try for Super Bowl 57.

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What to know: Guy Fieri is hosting a massive tailgate party ahead of Super Bowl 57

Killer mac and cheese with bacon

Anne Burrellknows good mac and cheese.

The host ofFood Network's "Worst Cooks in America"shared her recipe for killer mac and cheese with bacon withUSA TODAY.

The key for flavorful pastais to salt the water."When you are cooking the pasta…make sure that your pasta water is adequately salted,"Burrell says. "It should be salty like the ocean (water) because that makes a huge effect on the final dish."

Trash can nachos

This weekend, Guy Fieri ishosting a massive Super Bowl tailgate event in Glendale, Arizonaahead of the big game.It's a party "that anyone can come to,"hetold the Arizona Republic with the USA TODAY Network.

What are trash can nachos exactly? Well, if you aren't drooling yet, you will be soon.Picture stacks and stacks of tortilla chips blanketed in super melty cheese and beans, topped withpico de gallo, pickled onions and more tastiness.

Here's the recipe soyou can make at home, too.

Steak pinwheel

What sounds better when settling in to watch hours ofSuper Bowlfootball than a steak pinwheel? We can't imagine much, especially if you're on a low-carb or keto diet.

Skirtsteakpinwheels are one ofPat LaFrieda's"go-to recipes" for entertaining,he tells USA TODAY in an emailed statement.The fourth generation butcher knows what to do with steak, so when he says these steak pinwheels are "really well-suited to elevating a game-day party," we believe him.

Making the pinwheels is simple: Sprinkle seasoning and cheese on a cut ofskirt steak, roll into a log shape, cut into pieces and grill. Yum.

Honey garlic chicken wings

There is no single food item that screams "football Sunday" louder than wings.

This recipe for honey garlicwingshave crispy skin and moistmeatand can be made inunder an hourwith minimal cleanup. And since they'rebaked, not fried, they're a healthier option.

Baked potato skin board

Forget a butter board.What you need for game day is a baked potato skin board.

This recipe has it all. The cream cheese is tangy, the satiny cheese sauce is snappy, the bacon is smokyand the chives add a burst of color and sweet onion flavor. Plunge crisp, oven-roasted potato wedges into these layers and you've gotone spectacular board.

Viral crispy Parmesan roasted potatoes

If you have board fatigue, this recipe for viral crispy Parmesanroasted potatoes might be the answer for you.

These potatoes have the perfect ratio of crunch and are so full of flavor. They're a downright savory treat.

Rodney Scott's 'MVP': Pimento cheese

James Beard award-winning pitmaster Rodney Scott'sgame-day MVP is a pimento cheese— and the recipe for the dishis aptly dubbed "Most Valuable Pimento."

And it's a great option for hosting — it can be prepared in advance.

Add these fruitysalsa variations

Everyone loves a classic tomato-based salsa, but if you want to shake things up a bit, there’s no easier way to liven up your spread than to play with different fruit-based salsas.

Salsa goes with pretty much everything.Here are three recipes for quick and easy fruit salsas that will elevate game day and still fit right in.

Chili is perfect for the Super Bowl

To put it simply, chili is a pot of awesome. What's not to love about savory beef simmered in a tangy, smoky, tomato-based sauce with warming spices, floral herbs, aromaticsand tenderbeans?

This recipe for classic beef chili is the only one you'll ever need, according to cookbook author Robin Miller — and we think it's perfect for game day.

And Super Bowl chili doesn't need to be conventional. This eight-ingredient beef and bean chili calls for cocoa powder to add depth and complexity.

If you're looking for more variations,Brian Baumgartner who became known as the"chili guy" due to aniconic scene in NBC's"The Office,"published an entire cookbook of chili recipes. He shared his own recipe with USA TODAY in September, too.

Plant-based Super Bowl snacks

If you're plant based — or you are having plant-based guests — there are plenty of Super Bowl appropriate options including jackfruit nachos, buffalo cauliflower wings and vegan queso.

Contributing: Robin Miller, special for the Arizona Republic;Endia Fontanez, Arizona Republic; Katie Workman, The Associated Press

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Super Bowl 2023 food ideas: Amazing recipes to make your Super Bowl party rock (2024)
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