7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (2024)

The secret to making your Super Bowl celebration even more memorable? Decorating your living room and buffet table with festive, football-inspired decor! We rounded up our favorite easy DIY football decorations that are sure to wow. Try crafting up one (or all of them!) before your big-game gathering. They’re designed with winning flair that will keep your team happy from kickoff till the clock runs out!

DIY football decorations idea #1: Football bouquet

7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (1)

Tucking handfuls of blooms into a basket around a football creates a fun bouquet that’s sure to impress your crowd! To do: Cut a football-size V from a brick of floral foam, like Oasis Floral Foam (Wet) Bricks (Buy from Amazon, $14.99). Saturate the foam “V” by soaking it for a few seconds in a basin of water, then place the foam in a large salad bowl nestled inside a round low basket that matches your favorite team’s colors, like hom*oyoyo 1Pc Woven Fruit Basket(Buy from Amazon, $11.49).

Nestle the football in the center of the foam, resting one end of the football on the basket’s rim. To finish, snip a mix of supermarket blooms in your team’s hues (like daisies, roses, carnations and mums) to 5 inches. Press stems into foam around football, alternating colors and sizes until the basket looks full and you can no longer see the foam. Set bouquet at the center of your buffet, coffee table or dining table.

DIY football decorations idea #2: Pretzel candles

7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (2)

A few handfuls of pretzels and ribbon transform plain votive candle cups into snack-themed twinklers for your Super Bowl spread! To do: For each, place a rubber band around a glass votive candle cup. Slip pretzel sticks under the band until glass is covered. Hide the band by wrapping with green ribbon, then tie into a bow. Add four finished twinklers to a small square tray and display. Tip: Make several trays of pretzel twinklers and place on any side table or countertop that needs extra ambiance.

DIY football decorations idea #3: Personalized stadium snacks

7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (3)

Personalized paper sacks filled with peanuts or popcorn make everyone feel special. And you won’t have to spend your time running interference to keep bowls filled and prevent crunchy spills from getting ground into your carpet. To do: Snip green paper party favor bags, like Artseen Party Favor Paper Bags (Buy from Amazon, $6.99) in half using pinking shears, like Fri4Free Pinking Shears (Buy from Amazon, $7.99). Fill each with roasted in-shell peanuts.

For each bag, cut a circular name tag from red scrapbook paper. Glue a small rectangle of white scrapbook paper on top and jot down a guest’s name on the white rectangle using a permanent marker. To finish, punch a hole through the tag and top of the bag before attaching with narrow white ribbon. Set finished bags on a white serving tray on your buffet table. Tip: Fielding snack debris is a snap when you place extra empty bags labeled “Shells” around your party space.

DIY football decorations idea #4: Blooming bottle display

7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (4)

This eye-catching arrangement that makes use of old glass beer bottles couldn’t be easier to make. Plus, the sleek bottle vases take up minimal space, so you can place extras in any corner that needs a bright pop of color. To do: Fully remove labels from clean, empty green and amber beer bottles. Soaking overnight in a bucket of warm water mixed with a little dishwashing detergent makes it easy! Once labels are removed, fill bottles halfway with water and pop a daisy stem (in your favorite team’s colors) into each. To finish, arrange bottles on an oval tray.

DIY football decorations idea #5: Football mugs

7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (5)

Transform Mason jars into no-fumble football sips with a little duct tape, like these ones made by party planner Jennifer Sbranti (HWTM.com). “Fill the jars with dark soda or iced tea to reinforce the idea of a football,” says Sabranti on her blog post. “For the finishing touch? A party flag, of course!” To make each, cut a length of white duct tape into two thin strips. Cut one strip into short rectangles. Position the long strip vertically on the outside of a 16 oz. Mason jar, like Regular Mouth Mason Jars (Buy from Amazon, $20), then stick rectangles across the strip to create “laces.”

Fill with cola or iced tea and add a paper straw decorated with a festive paper pennant. For Sbranti’s free printable flags, download here. Display finished jars on an acrylic tray lined with a referee-inspired black-and-white striped tea towel.

DIY football decorations idea #6: Gridiron backdrop

7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (6)

Get everyone in the game-day spirit with a winning play-inspired backdrop, like this one styled by party pro Brianna Adams of PartiesWithACause.com. You can hang it behind your buffet table for an eye-catching touch, or hang it on a blank wall and use it as a backdrop for taking “team” photos! To get the look, hang a faux grass tablecloth on the wall, like Blue Orchards Grass Table Covers ($9.99, Amazon.com).

Next, stick large vinyl sticker letters, like Seajan 184 Pcs Large Vinyl Lettersin White (Buy from Amazon, $19.99) on the poster to spell out “Touch Down,” then use a white paint pen to draw “X,” “O” and arrow shapes on the edges of board that resemble play calls. Tape the poster onto grass tablecloth. Tip: No time to craft? Download the PDF of Adam’s poster design (Buy from Parties With A Cause, $9.79), then print the 24″x36″ version at Costco, Walgreens or Walmart. To finish, hang a festive party-store football banner and tassels above the poster.

DIY football decorations idea #7: Play call snack boards

7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (7)

Make snack time-outs special with slate “chalkboard” trays filled with sliders or bite-sized fare, like this one styled by party pro Laura Aguirre of LaurasLittleParty.com. “For a fun touch, I displayed sliders on small chalkboards and created my own ‘play'” ‘ called the ‘grab & eat’ maneuver,” Agguire says on her blog post. To do: Pickup rectangular slate serving boards, like MYOUKE 12 x 7.5 Inch 5 Pack Golden Ratio Size Slate Cheese Board (Buy from Amazon, $34.99), then use a food-safe white marker, like 3pcs White Food Coloring Markers (Buy from Amazon, $6.95), to jot a “play” on the bottom half of each. Add 3 sliders to each board to finish, then display on your table.

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7 DIY Football Decorations for Your Super Bowl Celebration (2024)
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